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French Manor Cricut Cartridge Review

French Manor Cricut Cartridge


The French Manor Cricut Cartridge is an ideal name for this French themed cartridge from times gone by. The architecture and design is incredibly distinctive, beautiful and highly sort after today and this cartridge brings together many of the most typical and renowned pieces from France and wraps it in a cartridge that typifies this elegance and grace.

The Cricut Cartridge French Manor is packed full of intricate images that would commonly be found in a grand French Manor. Some of the most notable include chairs, door, grandfather clock, sofa, table, window, mirrors, chandelier, a number of birds, bird baths, peacock, bird cages, feathers, crown, privacy screens, frames, key holes and keys, the Eiffel Tower, French Horn, etc. There are also a number of beautiful flourishes and border shapes, that again are beautifully delicate and typical of true French elegance. Also included with the  Cricut French Manor Cartridge are a number of additional decorative elements that can be used as additional design elements to any design, such as a number of different emblems, including lion head, decorative tile shapes and doily type patterned shapes.

French Manor Cricut Cart also includes several useable phrases / titles such as Bonjour, Paris, Amore, Merci, etc. The style of the font that is used, matches the theme of the cartridge perfectly.

The function keys provide a number of variations, but particularly useful are the tags, cards and borders.

The Cricut Cartridge French Manor contains six creative features including Layer, Card 1, Card 2, Tag 1, Tag 2 and Border.


French Manor Cricut Cartridge Project Ideas


This video review and project demonstration of the French Manor Cricut Cartridge starts off by introducing you to the cartridge and giving you a good overview of the contents.

The remainder of the video walks you through the steps of creating a simple but cute card using this cart.

There are so many different themed ideas that you can use this cartridge for that are somewhat different from the majority of Cricut Cartridges out there, that you really should let your more elegant creative juices flow and use this video as an ideas base to design and create your own elegant design(s).


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