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Christmas Noel Cricut Cartridge Review

Christmas Noel Cricut Cartridge


The Christmas Noel Solutions Cricut Cartridge, as you would expect from the name of the cart, is a Christmas themed cartridge. However, what you do not get from the cartridge title is the fact that unlike other Christmas themed cartridges in the Cricut line-up, the Christmas Solutions cartridge is based on traditional Victorian imagery from the past, which provides a great twist on this popular theme and a really wonderful way to expand the creativity of those numerous Xmas designs.

This cartridge is no longer being produced, but is still available (see below), so if you are keen on purchasing it, stock levels seem to be continuously dwindling, but popularity rising.

The most popular traditional images that come with the Christmas Noel Cricut cart include historically dressed Santa Claus, older style sleeker reindeer, traditional wood based sleighs, sparkling wands, old fashioned sewn teddy bears and dolls, ice skates, wooden rocking horses, train sets, decorative Christmas trees, traditional large winged and long gown angels, old fashioned candles and candle stick holders (think Wee Willy Winkle), big wooden doors, snow covered churches and houses and a fantastic silhouetted image of the dashing sleigh and reindeers against the shimmering night moon.

There is a small selection of the most common phrases on the Christmas Noel Cartridge that you would probably use, also in a style to compliment the Victorian past and includes Santa Claus, Happy Christmas, Noel and Season’s Greetings.

There are a number of project ideas on the internet that show a whole variety of items made with the Cricut Christmas Noel Cartridge, but no matter which example you choose, they all seem to invoke fond memories (for those that are old enough like me!), which makes this a perfect Xmas cartridge for creating those special cards and gift tags for those that will really appreciate the traditional and fond memories that the styling invokes.

The Cricut Christmas Noel cart comes with four creative features including shadow, shadow and base, blackout, blackout and base.


Christmas Noel Cricut Cartridge Project Ideas


This video for the Christmas Noel Cricut Cartridge uses the Cricut Gypsy and really takes you by the hand in the entire creation process of a traditional Xmas card.

The video gives you an insight into using both the Gypsy machine as well as the cartridge itself.

It contains a number of good and useful pointers along the way that you can use in your own similar project ideas with this Christmas Solutions Cricut Cartridge.


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