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Billionaire Cricut Cartridge Review

Billionaire Cricut Cartridge


The Billionaire Cricut Lite Cartridge is a fresh addition to the newest Lite range of carts from Provo Craft and is essentially a font cartridge but with an added selection of old ‘wealth’ type images to use.

The font style of the Billionaire Cricut Cartridge is a simple yet elegant addition that in line with the ‘Billionaire’ theme of this cartridge is really appropriate for a host of related projects that you have in mind. The full font selection also includes a number of the expected special characters including rounded brackets, curly brackets, percentage signs, hash signs, dollar signs, asterisk, questions marks and the like. There is also a full number set for you to use. The use of the shadow / layer function key effectively transforms each of the font set characters into a bolded version of the standard.

The images on the Cricut Billionaire Lite Cartridge, although they do fit appropriately with the theme of wealth and money, the images themselves are focused on times gone past and the more traditional images that you would expect to see. Images include vintage stately cars, gramophones, a selection of ‘parts’ to make up the old times typical ‘City’ gentleman including fancy moustaches, top hats, bow ties, monocles, spectacle glasses, smoking pipes, ties, waistcoats, suspender braces, as well as a few other more targeted images like bank notes and piles of banknotes.

All in all, although the cartridge has a money / wealth theme, the elegant font and range of historic images really can be a useful addition to a whole host of projects. Perhaps best used as added additional elements to other projects.

The Billionaire Lite Cricut Cartridge comes with the Shadow / Layer creative feature.


Billionaire Cricut Cartridge Project Ideas

There are currently no useful video reviews or demonstrations available online, but as soon as one comes available, we will certainly add it here for added inspiration and projects ideas for you to get the most out of this Cricut Lite Billionaire cartridge.


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